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3/21 - BOOKING A CO-STAR Workshop (Trade School LA)


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It's just a line or two, right? I mean how hard can it be? The answer: VERY!

With only a few lines of dialogue given these roles could quite literally go to any actor. It's easy to do TOO much, but then, how do you stand out without making the story about you? How do you make strong choices with developed characterizations with so little dialogue? The Actor's Collective's Booking A Co-Star Workshop will highlight tangible tools you can use to make those strong choices, serve the story by moving it along, stand out for the audition and NOT steal the show on set.

**ALL signups are eligible for a discount off one month of our on-camera class tuition!** 

Bring one of the following to trade:
2 Rolls of paper towels
a candle
a package of highlighters
a package of pens
Package of K-Cup Coffee

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