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This seminar on the Script Coordinator position covers all the training, skills, and tricks an experienced Script Coordinator has amassed on shows like black-ish, Workaholics, Eureka, The Neighbors, Galavant, and more!

This isn’t a Final Draft or Movie Magic seminar- but they’ll be discussed as they are vital to the job- this is a walk through a script in the life of a working Script Coordinator. This two-hour intensive starts with an explanation of how an episode flows from the writers’ room to the final production draft. Steven will teach real world experience of how the Script Coordinator fits into that creative world by explaining what documents will come their way, and what is expected of them once they get there. The class is built so that at any point students can interact with what they’re learning so you know what the step is before you move on to the next one.

A good Script Coordinator can break down, proof, format, and distribute a script in an hour or less, so our first hour will focus on the exact steps needed to do so. Starting with the writer’s draft, Steven will walk through the process using specific handouts and examples taken from an actual television script. You’ll not just learn the how, but the why as each step is explained in detail, along with anecdotes from various points in Steven’s career that illustrate each point. Both half hour and hour-long script formats will be discussed as well as the differences in working in both comedy and drama rooms.

Since a good Script Coordinator does more than just process script revisions, Steven will also talk about how best track clearance, address Standards & Practice notes, format and deliver ALTS, interact with writers, producers, actors and crew.  There will be a Q-and-A period after covering everything from working in the writers’ room to the realities of getting staffed.

You’ll leave the session with your own how-to packet, filled with the very examples discussed over the course of the class and checklists that will take you through putting out a script of your own.

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BIO (if needed):

Steven White is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA, by way of Clifton Park, NY.  He currently writes for black-ish, and has also written episodes of The Neighbors and Workaholics. Steven has served as Script Coordinator/Writer's Assistant on such shows as GalavantFranklin & Bash, and Eureka