Our On-Camera Technique class focuses on demystifying the audition process.  We empower actors to honor their voice, choices, and truth.  Instead of wondering "how does casting want this done?", we give students the skills to do their homework and trust their process.  

10 am - 1 pm
2 pm - 5 pm
Instructor:  Mark Daugherty

$195 / month

  • On-camera auditioning, cold reading, on-set skills, partner work/chemistry, on-camera scene study, expediting your work

  • 3 weeks of on-camera audition technique and on the 4th week we work our on-set skills to see how lights, camera, costumes, props, and a scene partner affect your work from your on-camera audition.  We also work on our practical on-set skills like hitting your mark, knowing your frame, and how to tailor your performance based on your coverage

  • Sides are sent to students before class to simulate a real audition prep timeline

  • Everyone tapes twice per class. Tapes will be reviewed collectively for feedback and then individual tapes made available to student after class

Class Topics Include:

  • Booking a Co-Star, Guest, or Series Role

  • Genre recognition/preparation including:  Procedural, Multi and Single Cam Comedy

  • Learning to BREATHE in Feature Film

  • The casting and audition process

  • Managing professional relationships

  • Owning your craft as a business

*Must commit to all 4 weeks
*One makeup allowed per month
*$30 referral credit for referring new students!



All classes of THE ACTOR’S COLLECTIVE, LLC are educational in nature. Classes taught by THE ACTOR’S COLLECTIVE, LLC’s teachers, employees, contractors, industry guest teachers, and associates are strictly for education and hold no promises of employment, representation, or guarantees of employment in the Entertainment Industry.   All counsel in the field of the Entertainment Industry is subjective and success is not guaranteed.