Need a reader to help you run your lines?
Heading into an in-room audition and you just wanna run it one more time?
Our Virtu-Reader service is perfect for you!


$10 / 15 minutes

How does this work?
When you book a session, your booking will go to our pool of readers who will contact you via either the Skype or Facetime contact you provide.

What do I need?
You MUST have:

  • High-speed internet or 4G LTE connection

  • Digital copy of audition sides

  • Smartphone, computer, or tablet with video calling capabilities

  • Skype - Download for PC or Mac OR App Download on Tablet or Smartphone
    Apple FaceTime

Do I get footage or a tape from this service?
No, this service is ONLY for audition rehearsal / line running. This is not for EcoCasts/self-tapes.

Can I request coaching via this service?
Virtual Coaching is a separate service. Please email to inquire.

Refund / Cancellation Policy
In the event that there are technical / connectivity issues beyond our control, we will happily refund your session in full. Cancellations within 1 hour of session time are nonrefundable.