You're an actor. We're actors, too.
Our dreams are the same.

In 2016, we founded The Actor's Collective, a one-stop resource for actors.

We're actors who work on behalf of other actors to provide
unparalleled value by bridging the gap between price and quality.

We believe that you should have access to premium, effective, and, most importantly, affordable tools
and knowledge to advance and empower your careers for success.

-Brad and Mark




Founder, On-Camera Instructor, Headshot Photographer

Mark is a working actor who has appeared in numerous films, television shows, advertisements, and voice-overs.  Mark's first foray into Hollywood was through casting where he interned with some of the industries biggest Casting Directors and influencers, giving him a special insight into the acting business, the optimal methods for marketing and pitching clients, as well as knowing what features headshots should exhibit to get actors in the room.  Mark is a mentor, keynote speaker and acting coach, and he travels nationwide teaching, developing, and training talent of all ages.  Mark has appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, Backstrom, The Amazing Spider Man, I’m Not Ashamed, and Listen, to name a few.   Mark is also thrilled to (FINALLY!) share that he is Marvel’s upcoming 2019 feature Captain Marvel! As a working actor, Mark brings a wealth of current audition, business, and industry know-how to The Actor's Collective and he is grateful for the opportunity to influence the careers of other actors.

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Founder, Headshot Photographer

Brad is a working actor, storyteller, voice actor, improvisor, Trekkie, and Whovian.  After a rewarding healthcare career of over a decade, Brad completely changed careers to pursue his lifelong acting dreams.  He has trained at the DC Improv in short-form and long-form (Harold) improv styles.  He has appeared in numerous new media projects and print campaigns, voices the lead character in the narrative podcast series The Archivist, and will be recurring in an upcoming streaming comedy series called Booked.  Brad believes the mission of The Actor's Collective is to give every actor the tools to access their potential and equip their career for success.  

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Shannan is a filmmaker who has worked in a variety of capacities, including as a director, writer, editor, producer, cinematographer, 1 st AD, stunt coordinator, and actress. She is the co-owner of Beleeve Entertainment, which she and her production partner started in order to give a voice to stories that need to be told. Recent projects include the feature film Penumbra (awarded Best Screenplay at Chelsea Film Festival), the short rom-com Speed Date, and The Visit, a short that aimed to give lesbian protagonists a happier ending than those that were being depicted in movies and television series at the time. Shannan is currently in development on a webseries, two narrative features, and three new short films for Beleeve. She has also worked with several Los Angeles theatres to create promotional content as both a videographer and editor, and she’s the lead content creator for Big Voice Video that aid veterans in their employment efforts. She has also worked with other content creators on digital series, including several projects with tello Films, and the Emmy® nominated webseries, Venice: Season 5.




Leslie has been a character comedian and Improviser for 14 years. She lived in Chicago producing, writing and acting in sketch comedy and musicals. She is a theatrically trained actress and has also trained at iO Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, ComedySportz, and is currently in the performance track at the Groundlings.  She produces and stars in her own hilarious web series called Nesbit's Tidbits.  You can also catch Leslie in the incredible a-cappella improv troupe, Pitch, Please!  They perform a fun, totally improvised monthly show at The Actor's Collective.  She is also a Whovian!



Headshot Stylist, Office Manager

Alyse Castillo is The Actor's Collective assistant extraordinaire! She comes to us from the art and costume departments of film and television. Her more recognizable credits include Lucha Underground, Crypt TV and the ever-popular Sharknado 5. Alyse is the co-founder of Small Cabal, a podcast network whose flagship production The Archivist successfully released it's first season. Alyse is a writer, and has had her plays produced in Michigan, Chicago, and Canada. She's excited to put her years of drudging assistant work to good use in a creative space with amazing people. Alyse is a comic-book nerd, a Trekkie and Star Wars buff, but alas not a Whovian...