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What is The Actor’s Collective?  Are you a membership group?  Are you a talent management/agency/casting office?

The Actor’s Collective is a group of actors who decided that actors deserve to have access to premium affordable tools to empower and equip their careers for success.  No memberships, no tricks.  Just a couple of guys who want the best for our actor community.  We are not a talent management firm or talent agency and we do not secure representation, cast, or submit for auditions.  

+ What services do you offer?

We offer:

  • On-camera audition technique classes that teach the audition process from beginning to end and an audition process that gives full artistic control to the actor. Our process teaches “this is my story, and here’s how I want to tell it” rather than “what does casting want me to do?” We have classes tailored to all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced. We focus on building a community of actors within our studio, a ‘collective’, if you will. A group of like-minded individuals that offer support and encouragement. Plus, we have a little fun from time to time. We also offer Career Consultations to help you refocus your career and maximize your actor toolkit.
  • Headshot photography. Years of experience within the entertainment industry has offered unique insight into what casting directors are looking for in an actor’s headshot. Additionally, with online submission profiles casting directors look at a grid of actors’ headshots that are 1 inch by 1 inch thumbnails, and we shoot and style our headshots with this in mind. We also do Slate Shots for those who want to show their personality and add a little more ‘oomph’ to their ActorsAccess profile. We also offer professional hair and makeup and wardrobe styling as add-ons when booking headshots. Completed shoots are uploaded to a client proofing site, and clients receive all images from their shoot. Photo retouching is also available!
  • Demo reel production. Our demo reels offer scenes in a variety of sets that mirror the current trends in television and film. We offer a procedural interrogation set, a hospital corridor set, and a school hallway set, with more sets to come. Our reels are professionally produced from beginning to end, and at a price that fiercely rivals the competition, giving you a dynamic reel that ultimately showcases your talent.
  • Audition taping / self-taping for $15. We’ve seen it all. Pay per minute self-tapes, pay per half hour with exorbitant pricing, studios run by non-actors, and nickel-and-dime studios wherein you rack up a huge bill by the time you’ve finished your tape. We believe audition taping should be a stress-free experience, and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. With our tapes, you’ll get professional readers who are actors experienced in cold-reading, professional lighting and sound, editing, a fast turnaround, and a finished tape that is unparalleled in quality; all included in the $15 pricing. No tack-ons, no gimmicks, and we’re committed to keeping that price. Plus, our tapes book. Need to sing for a musical theater audition? No problem at all! You can book a Musical Theater Audition taping through our Self-Tape portal and we'll get you set up in our main studio space. Need a little help on your choices for your audition? We can help! Book a half hour coaching session or an hour long coaching session on our self taping page and our experienced coaches will walk with you through your audition and help refine the technical aspects of your tape and help you make strong, effective choices. We do not allow outside readers, coaches, parent coaches, or other actors in our taping room during self tape sessions. Our studio readers will read all other roles for your audition. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

+ What if I’m just getting started in the business?

We’re more than happy to help you make your first moves. We understand, as actors ourselves, how daunting and mystifying the industry can seem to someone just stepping out toward their dreams. With our Career Consultations, we will happily sit down with you and review your materials including headshots, demo-reels, and resume and provide constructive feedback to make your packet more effective for seeking representation. Don't have a headshot, demo-reel or resume? No worries! We'll help get you started in the right direction. In all of our work we strive to lift actors up, whether it is through education or tools.

+ Can I call and book over the phone? Do you accept walk-ins?

We love actors and we love to speak to and meet actors! That said, we run a tight ship and we do a lot of hard work with a handful of staff so we don’t have the personnel available to consistently answer and respond to phone inquiries/bookings over the phone/walk-in appointments. The surest, quickest way to get an appointment is to book it through our website online. Additionally, our small staff means we can keep our costs at rock bottom. For general inquiries, feel free to shoot us an email. For booking of all services, please navigate to the corresponding service page.

How do I book a self-tape session?

Easily! Check out this tutorial video that will walk you through the process!


Can I book and pay without creating a Paypal account? 

Yes! Simply fill out the form on the booking page and click ‘Pay Now’. You will be redirected to Paypal where you can check out as a guest. *See attached images* From this page click ‘Pay with debit or credit card’ and input your payment method to complete the transaction as a guest without creating a Paypal account.


+ I need to book a self-tape ASAP! I got a last minute audition! I don’t see an available appointment slot for the time I want! What do I do?

First, DON’T PANIC! Second, have you looked at our self-tape booking page? Third, if you don’t see a time listed on our self-tape booking page, that definitely means that your desired time/date are unavailable. BUT, feel free to shoot us an email and if we have a cancellation, we’d be more than happy to notify you of the opening so that you may book online, provided we were given enough notice.

+ How do I download my audition through WeTransfer?

Please click here for a tutorial on how to download your files.

+ Are you affiliated with any other studios?

No, but we have friends all over the industry!

+ What is the parking situation like at your studio?

Street parking is available on Burbank Boulevard as well as the surrounding residential streets. All parking is free.

+ Do you offer studio rental?

Not really, but shoot us an email and we’d be happy to see if there’s something we could do to help you, depending on the request.

+ Do you provide casting director workshops or actor’s showcases?

At the time of this posting, no we do not.

The Actor's Collective proudly supports diversity of all races, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.  You are all welcome here :)